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Are you interested in becoming a Disney Travel Agent? You can start by joining the Mouse Counselors team of Affiliates!

  • Do you have a love for Disney Travel Destinations?
  • Are you a self-driven, professional, business-minded individual, with a high attention to detail?
  • Do your family and friends consider you the ‘go-to person’ for Disney trip planning questions and answers? Have they told you that you should get a job as a Disney Travel Agent?
  • Do you have extensive travel experience to Disney Destinations?
  • Do you have exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal?
  • Do you like to meet new people?
  • Do you already have a list of clients in mind that you will market your services to?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions, then you may be a perfect fit for the Mouse Counselors Affiliate Program!  If, after a more in-depth description of our program (see below), you think you have what it takes and you are serious about providing the best in customer service to your clients, just complete our Join Our Team Questionnaire!

Affiliate Information

Mouse Counselors has a reputation for impeccable customer service. Our mission is to ensure that the client is always the first priority! We work hard to create and foster relationships with our clients and do our best to provide a sprinkle of pixie dust to make their vacations truly magical! The bottom line is we plan each vacation as if it were our own.

To achieve these goals we must have very high expectations of the Affiliates who work with our company.  Are you a hobbyist just looking for travel benefits for yourself? Then this may not be the position for you!

We are looking for professional minded, self-starters who are serious about maintaining a profitable business focusing on impeccable client service and having a lot of fun along the way! Candidates must have a variety of travel experiences (various land vacations, cruises, etc.). Ideal candidates will have a passion for all things Disney and if they have solid sales and service skills, even better! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I join and will I be an employee of Mouse Counselors?

The process starts here. Read what the program can and cannot do for you. If it looks like it may be a good fit, then please complete our Join Our Team Questionnaire and we’ll set aside time to discuss the opportunity. Working as an independent contractor is not for everyone. Independent contractor, by definition, means one that contracts to do work or perform a service for another and who retains total and free control over the means or methods used in doing the work or performing the service. This means you are not an employee.

As an Affiliate-IC you own and operate your own business from your own home office, on your own schedule. It’s completely up to you what hours and days you work. Of course, the more you dedicate yourself the more earning potential there is for you.

How will I be compensated and are there other benefits?

Mouse Counselors offers a generous 75/25 commission split to our Affiliates.  The Affiliate’s split of 75% of the gross commission paid by a supplier is paid to the Affiliate the month after a client travels and the supplier has paid the commission to the agency.  Once the Affiliate meets the respective CLIA or IATA requirements, Mouse Counselors will also extend Affiliates the opportunity to obtain a CLIA/IATA ID card which can open up a number of personal travel discounts.

What differentiates a partnership with Mouse Counselors from the same with other travel agencies?

  • Mouse Counselors has been honored with the distinction of being an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. This designation is a tribute to our knowledge of Disney destinations and the value we add for our clients with our expertise in planning Magical Disney Vacations. It is this expertise that we are excited to share with our Affiliates!
  • By way of our affiliate-only website Mouse Agents, we provide detailed guidance on the best practices involved in booking Disney vacations!
  • Through Mouse Agents, we also provide access to affiliate-only discussion forums where our Affiliates share success stories, ask questions and provide tips!  What better way to be the best agent you can be than to learn from other successful agents in our own safe and private corner of the internet?

If I work with you, what can I sell?

Mouse Counselors focuses our efforts on vacation travel to Disney destinations. You will be able to book vacation packages, hotels, car rentals, and all major cruise lines through any supplier who will pay travel agent commission. One thing we do not provide is general airline tickets by themselves – i.e. outside of a package or cruise supplier. Unfortunately, airlines stopped paying commission for ticket only sales and the work associated with that service has made it undesirable for Travel Agents.

Where will my clients come from?

As an Affiliate, you will be responsible for cultivating your own business prospects, but we will certainly provide guidance and mentoring on ways to develop and close sales leads. We can point you to the industry training opportunities available to travel professionals.

Mouse Counselors provides funding for several marketing efforts to help drive business to our website. This results in cold leads that are distributed to a dedicated team of affiliates who qualify for the program. We promise the clients they will receive service from a top-notch travel expert and our company has a reputation for fulfilling that promise. We take it very seriously. Handling cold leads from the website is not a requirement nor is it an automatic benefit. Only qualified affiliates with a proven record of client service are invited to participate.

What does the program cost?

Mouse Counselors does not charge joining fees or annual fees. Your initial 1-year contract will include:  (1) being set up on our system as well as with our preferred suppliers, (2) a Mouse Counselors email address and toll-free phone number, (3) trip booking guidance and (4) access to our client tracking system. Other than your document mailing costs, and your own office operation costs, there are no monthly service or other hidden fees. We stress the importance of ongoing education and optional training and marketing programs are available for additional costs. Keep in mind, there are many small business benefits that can be explained by your accountant.

What will I need to conduct business from my home office?

Here are some of the items our Affiliates use to set up and operate a professional travel business operation:

  • Computer set up with: anti-virus software, that auto updates daily, Word, Excel & high speed internet access.
  • A private workspace that is free from ambient noise. There is nothing like a barking dog or children in the background to bring down the professionalism meter, and distract you from your clients’ conversation.
  • A file system. Even in this technological age, the travel business is not without its paperwork needs. As you sell to your clients, you will create files for them. After time you will need to store the info in a safe place.

Are you a successful agent looking to make a change?

We understand the obstacles that exist when attempting to switch or transition from one agency to another.  We are happy to discuss situations on a case-by-case basis.  In certain instances, Mouse Counselors will offer commission incentives to established agents with a proven track record of success.  Contact us to learn more!

And there are intangibles too:

Integrity, Trust, Respect, Patience, Honestly, Dedication, Community Responsibility, Passion for Travel and all things Disney, Professional Work Ethic, Consistency, Generosity, Creativity, Very Detail Oriented, Flair for Sales and a Sense of Humor!

Is this you? Are you serious about truly dedicating yourself to starting a business?

If so, please complete a  Join Our Team Questionnaire.  We’ll review your submission carefully and if it looks as if the relationship might be a good fit, then we’ll set up a call to discuss the opportunity further.  However, if this program doesn’t quite fit what you are looking for, we certainly understand. Our program isn’t for everyone’s needs and goals, and we thank you for the time to check us out!

Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you!